Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paleo Breakfast

So, ever since Chad shared some Paleo breakfast recipes with me, I've gotten pretty excited about being creative with eggs. (Not to mention the AMAZING banana pancakes that are making me go through a small jar of almond butter in a week).

So this is what I had for breakfast today:
3 Egg Omelette:
Cinnamon, Raisins, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Pine nuts.


(And yes, in every post, I am going to somehow link you all back to the CFBN website). ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just some thoughts on progress

Crossfit Bloomington-Normal officially opened this week!
If you're in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area, you have to check it out! These are the guys that got me excited about Crossfit in the first place, and I'm so excited to continue my Crossfitting adventure at this gym.

I just wanted to make a couple comments on my progress, i.e. the way I look, feel, and perform.

Exhibit A: I have never done a pull-up before in my life. Ever since P.E. testing in elementary school, I prayed that I would be able to do one. Still no luck. I remember my first workout with Chad, one of the trainers @ CFBN, and I needed to use the green rubber band AND have him push me up to the bar. When I got to Crossfit Inferno in San Luis Obispo, CA, they had a total of 30 pullups in their daily warm-ups. The first week, I was using both the blue and green rubber bands. By the third week, I was on just the green. On Friday, at CFBN, I tried to do a pull-up with just the blue and for some reason it still felt like it wasn't possible. But for some reason, I decided to give it another go, because the green was starting to feel just a little too easy (when I was doing no more than 5 pull-ups). So YESTERDAY, I did a few pull-ups with just the blue band! I'm so stoked!

Exhibit B: It may be the tan that helps a little, but both my mom and one of my friends at school have commented that I'm looking "skinny." I can't say I've noticed a drastic change in my looks, but I do have to keep my belt on the tightest catch, and I have lost 15 pounds since January.

Exhibit C: There are four floors in Fell Hall, the Comm Building at ISU. I normally take the stairs for extra exercise, and used to be breathless by the time I reached the top. A couple days ago, I was taking the stairs as usual, and I almost didn't believe it when I was facing the 4th floor landing. My breathing had hardly even increased.

Conclusion: Crossfit works. Try it. Keep with it, and it will change your life.