Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CFBN Official

So it's official. Just started my paying membership at Crossfit Bloomington-Normal. Definitely stoked on that. It's definitely my favorite first-of-the-month bill. Why? Because I see a direct return. If it were a choice between having hot water and doing Crossfit every month...I'd seriously consider Crossfit. Crossfitters are resourceful and effecient, quite the opposite of a 30-minute hot shower every morning (Just to clarify, mine are never more than ten). I'd figure a way to deal without hot water, but I don't think I could ever deal without Crossfit again.

Today's WOD:
AMRAP in 10 min.
10-Kettlebell swings

I did 12kg kettlebell and the green band on the pull-ups. I actually managed to keep the kip for all the pull-ups (but I definitely need to learn how to do static pulls). I powered through 6.5 reps (PLUS 2 ROWS...Josh...pshh).

I think the best part of of my Crossfit experience today was running into Chad at Meijer. I've been doing pretty good with Paleo but I can't tell you how many things I looked at and basically had to run away from in the grocery store. These are things I used to think were the healthier choices...like granola, peanut butter, low-fat dairy, etc., but are in fact NOT GOOD. I'm glad I stayed strong, because I ran into Chad (trainer)...and of course still managed to guilt trip me into choosing BEST over GOOD. I put down the generic eggs and spent the extra buck on omega-3 eggs. But it was awesome being in the grocery store with another Crossfitter/Paleo-er (I think I just made up a word) - it definitely emphasizes the fact that Crossfit is more than a philosophy, and not simply a lifestyle, but a community that supports, encourages, and pushes each other to do our best. (P.S., Chad, those super ripe avos are really bad...i'm still going to try to turn them into guac with a lot of lime or something).

Ok, so I feel like, in celebration of the official start of CFBN (with members now officially signing up) I should be at least mentioning all three trainers in this blog. So lastly, a shout-out to J.J. Although all three of you guys were in one way or another part of my introduction to Crossfit this last spring semester, Chad of course being my official trainer, J.J. also does a great job motivating me. He knows his stuff, is super excited about Crossfit, and isn't afraid to bust your balls. I remember a workout last week...I was exhausted and my form was slipping on the thrusters. J.J. had no problem yelling at me to straighten it out. Of course at the time I was a little pissed because I was in the middle of a not-so-fun workout and I was tired, but he was right. FORM IS KEY. By taking my time to fix my form instead of trying for the fastest reps, I'm laying the foundation to be able to go longer, faster, and heavier in the long run. Good form = good results. So thanks for not letting me be mediocre :).

So in case you didn't notice...I've linked to all the trainers' profiles in this blog. Check them out, check out CFBN, come out and try 2 weeks free. Warning - you will get hooked.