Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lose/Lose or Win/Win? You decide.

Today's WOD:

"3 Times a Ladder"

3 rnds. for time:

20 reps KB Swing (53#, 36#) - I did 26#
30 reps Push ups - I did it on knees
40 reps Sit ups
50 reps Double Unders - I did 150 regular

Time: 21:38 (eh)

I don't know what it was about this workout...probably the sit ups...but when i was done, i was dying.

I almost puked, but I was too tired to stand up and get to a trash can so I mustered whatever I had left to hold it in. That's crossfit for ya...and somehow i can't help but LOVE this stuff.

In other news:
Yesterday, I did 105 clean, and 95 clean and jerk (105 got up halfway on the jerk then my arms gave out). It doesn't sound like much...compared to others...but I definitely pushed myself past what I thought I could do...and now I have a weight to beat.

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